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Audrey "Steel-Core XL™" Upholstered Platform Storage Bed


SKU # 107-SCXL

Our “Steel-Core XL™” beds are a game changer for bedroom storage solutions.  Our four drawer “Steel-Core XL™” beds offer as much storage as two standard 6 drawer dressers, at the same time taking up no additional space in the bedroom. 

In a world where real estate is overpriced, we understand that maximizing your living space is necessary.


Are you tired of overstuffed messy closets, jam-packed dresser drawers, cluttered corners, misplaced items?  Do you wish you had a designated place to store your seasonal clothes, shoe collection, sports gear, workout/yoga equipment, photo albums, arts & crafts supplies, etc.?

Looking for that minimalist stress-free look and feel in your bedroom?  Looking to reclaim you closet?  Are you tired of ripping your house apart looking for your snow pants?

We’ve made 28.5” long x 35” wide x 7” deep drawers.  These drawers are big enough to store baseball bats, skateboards, yoga mats, dumbbells, soccer balls, pillows, comforters, wrapping paper, board games... and much more.


Our “Steel-Core XL™” beds are offered in two drawer (8 cuft of storage) or four drawer (16 cuft of storage) options.   Queen and King sizes available.

  • Elegantly designed headboards, but classic enough to last the test of time.

  • Tubular steel framed siderails and footboard/backboard.  Double wide tubular steel center support.  

  • Customizable drawer placement on the 2 drawer storage option.

  • Ability to add and subtract drawers after initial purchase.

  • More storage space than two typical dressers or chests

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steel core frame sepcs.jpg

Frame Specs & Construction

Premium “Steel-Core XL™” Frame

Just as much attention to detail was put beneath the surface. We use light weight solid wood pine frame construction for maximum durability.

Double Wide Center Support

We have beefed up our center support on the “Steel-Core XL™” to 1.5"

Slat Comparison.jpg

Thicker Support Slats

Ensuring your mattress is properly supported, we use 3/4" support slats.  Most support slats are 1/4" and have a tendency to break overtime.

one drawer.jpg

What's in the Drawer?

Drawer Comparison

Drawer Comparison combo.jpg

We don't mean to boast, but our drawers are HUGE!   Typical dressers and chests have 6.5  to 8.5 cubic feet of storage.  Two of our drawers have that beat.  Four “Steel-Core XL™” drawers have over 16 cubic feet of storage, that is equivalent to having 2 dressers worth or more of storage in the base of your bed.

Drawer Components & Features 

steel core xl drawer support.jpg

Drawer Components

- 9-Ply 1/2" Birch Drawer Sides

 Real wood for longevity and quality.

- 3/8" Smooth Snag-free Drawer Bottom

 Drawer bottoms are typically 1/4".

- Lightly Lacquered Drawer Sides 

 Providing a snag-free and finished interior.

- Corner block Assembly

 Maintaining a solid square structure to the     drawer that will not break down over time.  

5/8" Steel Drawer Bottom Center Support

To ensure proper drawer bottom support we have engineered the drawer with 5/8" steel center support, making sure no matter what you load your drawers up with or how heavy they may get, your drawers will be able to handle it.

red wheels.jpg

Polyurethane Two-Piece Wheels

Drawers are equipped with two-piece polyurethane soft roll wheels.  Most drawers with wheels use cheap plastic wheels that can break and chip over time.

Security Drawer Latch

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All drawers have an optional drop-in security latch to secure drawer in place while drawer is shut.  This also creates a concealed storage area that no one would ever know was there unless they knew how to un-fasten the drawer.

Drawer Configurations

audrey 4 dr 3D grey.png

Features you will love


  • Thickly padded and tightly upholstered

  • Light weight for easy relocation and moving

  • Assembly video available 

  • Ships in 4-5 boxes via LTL carrier or UPS

  • Box spring or mattress foundation NOT required

  • Upholstery is a polyester blend (Ivory or grey)​

  • Made in China


Steel Core XL Dimensions- Aud.png


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