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Bedroom storage solution:
the STO-A-WAY storage foundation

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Bedroom storage solution: the sto-a-way storage foundation

One common issue people have, especially in urban areas, is a lack of storage space in their small bedrooms. A solution that most people don’t know exists but is obvious once you think about it is using the mattress foundation for storage. Now that boxsprings no longer use actual springs in them (despite the name), that space can be put to good use. Enter the Sto-A-Way storage foundation by Seahawk Designs.


Seahawk Designs Sto-A-Way Foundation

This foundation basically replaces your regular boxspring. So, instead of going out and spending $200-$300 on a boxspring foundation, you can upgrade to this for a few hundred extra and get extra storage space or eliminate the need for one of your dressers. The queen sized foundation has the same storage space as a regular 6 drawer dresser (7.5 cubic feet). It can come in any size, including a split queen.

The foundation is designed to last. The drawers use dovetail joints (considered the strongest joints) to keep from falling apart. This is not cheaply made. It also works with any mattress, so your mattress warranty remains intact.

This works with any regular metal frame or even directly on the floor if you prefer. This does NOT work on beds with tall side rails, as the rails will block the doors from opening.

I recommend this product to all of my readers who can afford it. It’s a great way to utilize space, especially in areas like Boston or New York City (or any number of other big cities) in which space is at a premium. But even if you live in a huge house, more space is not a bad thing.

If you’re scraping for a way to squeeze more storage space out of your bedroom, this is one of the  most efficient ways to do it. You get a long-lasting durable mattress foundation and storage space all in one.

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