Deck out your restful retreat with the “Manhattan” headboard.  Thoughtfully crafted in polyester, this classic headboard design will stand the test of time.  The subtle box stitch design of this  headboard creates a stylish backdrop that works well with a variety of bedding styles and lets your decorator style flourish.

Once you get past the awe of this beautiful headboard you’ll notice the four large drawers at the base of the bed, this drawer base is the perfect solution for all of your bedroom storage needs, and it’s done in style!  Store the following: Linens, winter clothes, summer clothes, socks, shoes, toys, your old wedding dress, photo albums, all that’s junk that’s currently under your bed, or just eliminate that old disgusting dresser you have now, giving you much more space in your bedroom… think of all the activities you could do with all that extra space.    

This entire set up creates stylish center piece for any bedroom!

Ivory Manhattan Storage-open (10541-B,10542-B)
Ivory Manhattan Storage & Sofa (30541-B-S,30542-B-S)
Ivory Manhattan HB Close up (10541,10542)
Ivory Manhattan (10541,10542)
Grey Manhattan Storage-open (front angle)  (10551-B,10552-B)
Grey Manhattan Storage-open  (10551-B,10552-B)
Grey Manhattan HB Close up (10551,10552)
Grey Manhattan Storage & Sofa (30551-B-S,30552-B-S)
Grey Manhattan (10551,10552)
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