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  • ARBO Bed Frames provide an elegant minimalist alternative to conventional box springs and metal bed frames, serving as a versatile platform suitable for various types of mattresses.

  • We've consistently heard from adjustable bed consumers who adore the functionality of their beds but are less than thrilled with their appearance. They seek a frame that complements their adjustable bed, and that's precisely what ARBO Bed Frames offer. All our ARBO frames are designed to seamlessly accommodate adjustable bed bases when used without a deck.

  • Moreover, the question arises: are box springs still necessary in today's mattress landscape? According to a poll involving 2,451 respondents, a resounding 1,560 people, when given the choice, preferred a platform frame/bed over a traditional box spring and metal bed frame. This suggests a growing shift in consumer preferences away from traditional setups.

  • But there's even more to the ARBO Bed Frame experience. By selecting an ARBO Bed Frame, you're also contributing to the vital cause of reforestation through our partnership with Your choice extends beyond aesthetics and comfort, making a positive impact on the environment.

4-inch Leg Frame Current Grey with deck PNG.png

Platform Bed Frame

The platform base offers an excellent alternative, boasting superior aesthetics compared to the traditional box spring and metal bed frame. With an increasing number of customers seeking a refined, streamlined bedroom appearance, ARBO bed frames provide the ideal solution.

4-inch Leg Frame Current Grey with adjustable.png

With an Adjustable

While adjustable bed bases offer versatility, they often come with exposed metal frames and mechanical components, potentially creating an unfinished or disorganized bedroom appearance. However, when integrated without a deck, ARBO bed frames serve as the perfect solution to house an adjustable bed while preserving the overall aesthetic harmony of your space. This not only enhances the bedroom's visual appeal but also contributes to a more inviting and thoughtfully designed atmosphere.

slim line frame_edited.jpg

Slim-Line Solid Frame

Crafted for enduring stability and durability, our solid, slim-line frame is constructed from ¾" plywood.


Tubular Steel Support

The interior framing and support system is meticulously crafted using 16-gauge tubular steel, ensuring unmatched strength and support.

deck kit close up.png

Optional Solid Deck

Each frame offers the choice of a 3/8" non-woven fabric-covered deck, delivering a genuine platform that enhances the overall appearance and experience.

wood leg ARBO.png

Solid Wood Legs

Our frame legs are expertly crafted from solid birch wood with a sleek satin black lacquer finish, ensuring durability and longevity, unlike plastic legs that may degrade over time.

Headboard slots ARBO.png

Headboard Compatibility

Arbo frames accommodate any bolt-on headboards effortlessly (hardware included), and for those seeking a cohesive look, we also offer optional matching headboards.

soft shoulder corner.png

Soft Shoulder Corners

Incorporating a thoughtful design feature, all Arbo frames feature soft, rounded corners to prevent the inconvenience of bumped shins and toes.

Customize Your Frame to Perfectly Reflect Your Style

Choose your Leg Height:

1.5 Leg.png

1.5" Leg

4" Leg

8" Leg

Choose your color:

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Sustainability Efforts

At Republic Design House, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability. In line with this commitment, for each ARBO bed frame we produce using fast-growing birch lumber, we make it a point to plant trees. In fact, for every frame created, we go the extra mile by planting an additional tree. This not only offsets the materials utilized in your new frame but also contributes to the planting of twice as many trees, nurturing a greener and more sustainable future. is a well-known nonprofit organization dedicated to global reforestation efforts. They collaborate with individuals, businesses, and various partners to plant trees in areas that have experienced deforestation. Through their initiatives, they aim to restore ecosystems, combat climate change, promote biodiversity, and support local communities. operates in multiple countries and works closely with local communities and organizations to ensure the successful implementation and long-term sustainability of their reforestation projects.

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