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Comfort Series


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The Comfort Series exposes the obvious: we want to be comfortable in bed.  So we have introduced beds that do exactly that: optimize comfortability while you are in bed,  whether relaxing, watching TV, browsing the internet on your mobile device, or starting the work day before you even roll out of bed.

Comfort Banner Wix.jpg

What makes a Comfortable Bed?

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Headboard Slant

Designed with a 7° slant on the face of the headboard makes for an ideal back position for sitting up in bed.

This feature is available on 2 of the 3 comfort series beds


When we say accessibility, we are referring to power!

We have built in two USB charging ports on each side of the headboard.  This feature is included in all beds.


Our pillowed low profile headboard coupled with a 7° slant on the face makes for the most comfortable headboard we make.  This feature is included only in the pillow backed bed.

Comfort Seris

Hassle-Free Drawer Assembly

To anyone who has had to assemble a drawer or multiple drawers for a piece of furniture, it is not fun.  It can take hours of your time, be extremely frustrating, and completely drain you before you are done.  Our hassle-free drawers are assembled in a matter of minutes.  We know your time is valuable, and mental well-being even more valuable.  See the below video for how it's done.

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